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At Symphony Financial Planning, we believe your life goals and finances are like an orchestra. If even one section is out of balance, then the whole composition will sound out of tune. Financial planning is essential at every stage in your life and career as you move from accumulating wealth in the early phases, to enjoying your savings during retirement. This is why we provide different types of service offerings to make sure everyone can benefit, regardless of where they are in life.

We offer three different ways to work with us:


Our comprehensive portfolio management and financial planning service provides ongoing, holistic planning that integrates cash flow, retirement planning, taxes, risk management, and estate analysis with the management of your investments. You enjoy a relationship with a senior financial advisor and an experienced support team dedicated to understanding your circumstances and goals, as well as regular follow-up reviews to make sure your plan is up to date as your life changes. Our ongoing supervision of your portfolio, including periodic rebalancing, keeps your investments consistent with your goals.

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Coming soon, our Ensemble service provides comprehensive, ongoing financial planning for those who are not quite ready to fully delegate the day-to-day management of their portfolio to us. We work with you in periodic meetings to develop and keep up to date a holistic financial plan that incorporates our recommendations for cash flow, retirement planning, investments, taxes, risk management, and estate analysis.


Sometimes you just want advice on a limited scope of issues. We provide hourly financial planning consultations to address your specific concerns. These consultations can range from a few hours focused on a single issue to several meetings for a broader range of issues. Though these services are not comprehensive, they can be an ideal way to get the professional advice you seek when you need it.

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We are a fee-only firm, which means our only compensation comes from you directly, not from selling products.

Ongoing Portfolio Management
Comprehensive Financial Planning
Limited-Scope Financial Planning
Client Portal with Integrated Document Vault and Account Aggregation Technology
Fees.5% – 1.5% of assets/yearComing Soon$180-$275/hour

Our Process

Regardless of how our clients work with us, we value thoroughness and simplicity, especially when it comes to making your life more manageable. “Financial inertia” gets in the way of taking action, so we break it down to help you move forward. Our client portal technology automates the collection of information and gives you an up-to-date 360° view of your finances, leveraging the highly personalized approach our advisors offer.

For Orchestra clients, the ongoing nature of our fiduciary relationship with them requires a systematic process that keeps us informed so that we can be proactive in dealing with financial issues that arise:

Our onboarding process will include the initial discovery meeting and several subsequent meetings to understand your circumstances, articulate your goals, develop priorities, and set mutual expectations.
With a thorough understanding of your situation, we develop a holistic financial plan over time that addresses six core areas: cash flow, retirement planning, investments, taxes, risk management, and estate analysis.
For our Orchestra clients, we review our recommended portfolio with you for your approval. Then we relieve you of the investment management and administration burden so you have the time and energy to pursue what matters most to you.
We want to keep on top of changes in your life so that we can help you proactively address issues as they arise. For Orchestra clients, we review and rebalance portfolios on an ongoing basis, and periodic review meetings keep your plan up to date.

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