Paul Meyerhoff helps direct operations for the nonprofit organization.

DAVIS, California—August 6, 2020—Paul Meyerhoff, Ph.D., CFP®, is taking his support for the Davis community to new heights.

The founder and president of Symphony Financial Planning, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in Davis, recently joined the Board of Directors for Tree Davis.

Tree Davis is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “enhance and expand our urban forest by teaching the people of our community to plant and care for trees,” according to the group’s website.

As a board member, Meyerhoff helps direct the operations of the organization, which is focused on outreach in Davis, West Sacramento, and Woodland.

“I was thrilled to join the board since I very much believe in the mission of Tree Davis,” Meyerhoff said. “Trees make an urban landscape both beautiful and welcoming. They help clean our air, bring down temperatures, and provide habitat for wildlife.”

Tree Davis provides free trees throughout the Davis community via its Community Canopy program, which is a partnership between the organization and the city of Davis. About 12,000 trees have been planted to date.

For maximum tree health and benefits, Tree Davis offers “Right Tree, Right Place” resources to help people pick the optimal tree for their location.

In addition, it holds the Great Tree Search, in which residents nominate trees based on their unusual size, species, form, or history.

“Symphony Financial Planning sponsored the Greet Tree Search in previous years,” Meyerhoff said. “And I saw how the program prompted members of the community to give a second look at the trees they live with. It was a fun event that promoted appreciation too.”

Residents can view the Great Tree Search Map to find some of the great trees they live with.

For more information on Tree Davis, visit the website at