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Spring Cleaning Your Way to Better Finances

February 25, 2020
Broom sweeping money

Spring is a good time to clean out the cobwebs, and not just in your home or apartment. Your personal finances can benefit from a good spring cleaning, too. Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your budget, debt, and taxes. Is there room in my budget to save more? A budget is the…

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Tips for Targeting Your Retirement Savings Goal

January 24, 2020
Piggy Bank

What if you’re saving as much as you can, but still feel that your retirement savings goal is out of reach? As with many of life’s toughest challenges, it may help to focus less on the big picture and more on the details. Regularly review your assumptions Whether you use a simple online calculator or…

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Hindsight Is 2020: What Will You Do Differently This Year?

December 18, 2019
Hindsight 2020

According to a recent survey, 76% of Americans reported having at least one financial regret. Over half of this group said it had to do with savings: 27% didn’t start saving for retirement soon enough, 19% didn’t contribute enough to an emergency fund, and 10% wish they had saved more for college.1 The saving conundrum…

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Ten Money-Saving Travel Tips

May 30, 2019
Ten Money-Saving Travel Tips

Exploring the world sounds fun and exciting, but it can be expensive to travel. However, there are ways to experience the trip of your dreams on a budget. Follow these money-saving tips when planning your next vacation to help make it more affordable. 1. Join a frequent flyer program. It will probably take time to accumulate…

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