Elena Falken
Client Relations and Development

As manager of client relations and development, Elena Falken likes to describe her job this way: The financial planners are the people who pull the rabbits out of the hat; her job is to make sure the hat is on the table.

Elena got her start in technology services product management 20 years ago—a background that made her well-suited to fill a wide range of operational needs in a boutique, personalized firm like Symphony.

In an office of highly-skilled specialists, Elena is the interfacing generalist; her professional skillsets lie at the intersection of technology, marketing and operations, all with an eye to nurturing the elevated client experience Symphony actively seeks to provide.

Here, she thrives on serving as the support hub for our team, and her variety of responsibilities keeps her work fresh. She believes it is a privilege to be a part of a team that cares about helping clients improve their lives and pursue their dreams.

In her free time, Elena loves art, theater, and good food. For many years she studied the martial art of Wing Chun, or southern Shaolin boxing, and if she ever gets stranded on a deserted island, she hopes she will have the complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to keep her company.